Cultural Anthropology

How do I find articles?

Scholarly articles are published either in journals or as chapters of books. To find them you may have to consult digital databases or printed bibliographies.

On this page there area number of links to databases for finding anthropological articles. Some of the databases contain information about articles as well as chapters in books

Subject databases for Cultural Anthropology

General databases


You can also search for books and articles in bibliographies.

A bibliography will give you information on published materials in books and journals. They are shelved in the reference section in the Carolina Library and on the second floor in the Karin Boye Library, section Ref Kulturantropologi/Etnologi

Examples of printed bibliographies: 

  • Africa bibliography
  • Annual review of anthropology
  • Southeast Asia

Search tips

Search tips guide you on

  • how to build your search queries
  • how to cite and create bibliographic references