Peace and Conflict Studies

Introduction to articles and journals

You find articles in scholarly journals and in newspapers as well as in various databases, including the library search engine.

Some databases contain articles in full text, while others offer only a reference to the article and the journal in which it was published.

Most of the databases are fee-based which is why you can only access them if you are working within Uppsala University's network or if you have remote access through the University's proxy server.

Some databases are, however, freely accessible on the Internet.

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Journals A-Z is a list of all journals of the Uppsala University Library, both in printed or electronic form.

Databases A-Z is a list of all databases held by Uppsala University Library.

What is a scholarly article?

Articles in scholarly journals are excellent sources for finding out what has been studied or researched on a topic as well as to find bibliographies that point to other relevant sources of information.

A scholarly article generally is based on original research. It is written by a researcher or expert in the field who is often affiliated with a college or university. Most scholarly writing includes footnotes and/or a bibliography and may include graphs or charts as illustrations.

Articles that appear in scholarly journals or books, are subject to a peer-review process, which means that other "experts" or specialist in the field evaluate the quality and originality of the research as precondition of publication. The peer-review (as opposed to editorial review) process is also one thing that sets scholarly journals apart from journals that may otherwise seem quite similar. Journals such as Foreign Affairs, for instance, are generally not considered a scholarly journal, because many of the articles are solicited by the magazine's editors; in addition many of the articles are written by policy-makers who may be expressing an informed view, but whose article may not be based on original research.

Scholarly research is typically published by a academic association or a university/academic press. In Peace and Conflict studies, representative scholarly journals include, for instance, American Political Science Review, International Organization, International SecurityJournal of Politics, and World Politics.

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Google Scholar

Scholarly articles may be found through Google Scholar.